There’s so much to learn and a lot to focus on in a day at preschool, good nutrition is essential along the way.   We include a balanced, appetizing lunch as well as morning and afternoon snack in the tuition cost. As a part of the state food program, we are mandated to provide a portion of each of the food groups with every meal including delicious milk.

Meals are served “family style” encouraging good table manners as children socialize and practice proper etiquette. Child size utensils assist children in serving themselves, enhancing confidence and self-help skills.

Please note that our Preschool participates in the Federal State Food Program. Eligibility for enrollment is otherwise not restricted, all applicants being considered equally without regards to race, sex, age, disability, color, national origin, religion or ancestry.

CGC_0454Ms. Betty Seitz (Nutrition Specialist/Aide)
My name is Betty and I am most often called “the cook”. That’s because you can usually find me in the kitchen stirring up delicious, nutritious creations to satisfy little taste buds. Though I love a concerning myself with making sure everyone has a full belly, it’s the children I love! When you hear me speak of “love bugs” don’t be alarmed, it is just how I affectionately refer to children of our great little school. Come visit me in the café where you will hear songs of praise and worship as I prepare our meals!