Bug Room (5 Years)

We may creep or even crawl but we always have a ball!




Mrs. Becky Cummings
My name is Mrs. Becky Cummings and I have been working in preschool for 16 years. When I am not working I can be found sewing, reading, gardening, or baking. As a teacher I love sharing about God and His creation with children emphasizing bugs and “creepy crawlies”. You may hear me referred to as the “bug lady” buy my co-workers. I love to bring lessons to life through songs and hands-on lessons. As a mother of four, I love seeing and being a part of the growth and development of children. My student’s year begins with a lesson on each child’s name and why each name begins with a capital letter. By the end of the year my students know with confidence the reason for the capital letter is because it is special and important, just like them!. When children leave my class I want them to hold this lesson close to their heart so they move forward with confidence in themselves and hope for the future.