Sweet Room (4 Years)

Being four is a real treat and learning is so sweet!

sugar babies room


Tammy-BusheeMs. Tammy
Hello there, I am Ms. Tammy and I love being a teacher. I have worked at LifeBridge for over three years now and I have found my “home” away from here, I love this place! With many years of experience, I am thrilled by the unique personalities in each new class of students! Teaching academics is so important to me but it is the personal relationships with my students that really tug at my heart. Getting to know each student, helping them to get along, find their individual groove, and grow into everything God wants them to be is my passion. Being a mother of five wonderful children has helped me to cherish the distinct character in each new student and I look forward to finding ways to celebrate that uniqueness. In life, laughter is key and I look for ways to enjoy this great world by spending time with family and friends.