Nutrition Overview

There’s so much to learn and a lot to focus on in a day at preschool, so good nutrition is essential along the way. Our tuition fees include a balanced, appetizing lunch as well as morning and afternoon snack. All meals and snacks are prepared by our wonderful cook in our very own kitchen.

Our kitchen and classroom staff are well prepared to care for children with food allergies or dietary restrictions. If your child has any food allergies, preferences, or restrictions, please let our front office staff know as soon as possible. For the safety of our students, our center is a nut-free zone.

As a part of the state food program, we are mandated to provide a portion of each of the food groups with every meal, which includes a cup of milk.

Parents are encouraged to pack their child a reusable water bottle from home. Students without their own water bottles are offered cups of water with snacks and meals, as well as throughout the day, and all students have access to drinking fountains while on our playgrounds.


Please note that our Preschool participates in the Federal State Food Program. Eligibility for enrollment is otherwise not restricted, all applicants being considered equally without regards to race, sex, age, disability, color, national origin, religion or ancestry.