children playing

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Schedule (August 2015-June 2016)

“Learning is child’s play and exceptional care is the only way!”
In recent years the concept of preschool has evolved and the need for quality education of young children has come to the forefront of our thinking. Providing an environment for young children to enhance their cognitive development and master the skills necessary for school success is as important as ever.

Though the thought process toward the value of preschool education has transformed, the way in which preschool children learn has not. Young children need the opportunity to learn through play and self- interest, feeling respected and safe to explore and examine the world around them. As educators our key focus must be to awaken children’s curiosity, allowing them to use their senses to grow in all areas of development including cognitive, social, physical, spiritual and emotional. It is music to our ears when we hear children answer, “PLAY!” to the question, “What did you do all day?” The preschool experience should be a wonderful time of learning through active play.

At LifeBridge Preschool, we strive to provide activities throughout the day that will boost math, science, language arts, music, art, and physical capabilities while enhancing social and emotional growth. We use our knowledge and experience to implement Common Core along with NAEYC (National Association of Education for Young Children) standards to ensure our students are prepared for their next education milestone.

Weaving God’s love and Bible truths throughout our curriculum enriches each student’s learning. Through this process children are inspired to be the best friend, student and child they can be! Our faith is cornerstone to everything we do here at LifeBridge. We partner God’s guidance with our education; gifts and experience to ensure our preschool provide exceptional care for every child that enters our center.


Our curriculum includes specialized activities to align with Common Core standards of education and NAEYC (National Association of Education of Young Children) guidelines. We integrate sign language, cultural studies, whole language and phonetics throughout our daily activities.


The following independent activities are available right on campus for a minimal fee.

  • Little Stars Dance
  • Tumble Bus
  • Soccer Stars
  • My Spanish Ecuelita
  • Jumping Beans Spanish